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Want to start learning the cello?

If so get in touch with me.

- Elvira Lagji


What Do I Teach?

I teach all students ranging from Preparatory to ARCT in cello performance. If you want to learn more about me and my experience click the button below

Grades 6-9

Students between grades six to nine are expected to control any position in cello with mature and expressive tone.

Grades 1-5

Students between grades one to five are expected to develop secure information and also to be able shift between five different positions including Vibrato 

Grade 10


Students in grade ten and beyond are expected to be able to play solo and have a high level of expression and style 


Here are testimonials from some of my students and colleagues

Elvira is a very patient and dedicated cello teacher.  As an adult learner, I know having a right musical teacher is very important.  Passion for the instrument is not enough.  It takes many years of practice to develop beautiful sound so you need to have someone who will be able to motivate you and push you along the way.  I am very grateful to have found her.  She always greets me with a warm smile when I knock on her studio door.  I always feel very comfortable playing cello with her around.  I am eager to learn more because she is extremely encouraging and enthusiastic.  She understands my goal and sets a good pace for my lesson plan to make sure I do my best and play with confidence. With her guidance, I was awarded with RCM Gold medal in 2020.  

Ann, Student

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